Nine to Five Podcast

It May Not Be Finished

January 22, 2024 Season 2024 Episode 1
Nine to Five Podcast
It May Not Be Finished
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Scripture -
… It is good to be near God. I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge. … (Psalm 73:28)

Victoria LeMay has been a speech-language pathologist for seven years and has worked in a variety of hospitals, clinics, and private practice settings. She is happily married, has a daughter, is a member of Fresno Women’s WorkLight chapter, and an active parishioner at her church.

Pray: Lord, remind us to share your wisdom. When we speak let our voice speak with the love and wisdom from above.

Reflect: Has there been a time when you felt called to speak up for others but experienced fear, became discouraged or lacked the time, energy, or resources to do so?

Discuss: Consider sharing about a time when you had a divided heart. What circumstances, if any, changed your position so that you could rise above?

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